How To E-file Your Income Tax Return Online Yourself – Step By Step Process.

The due date for filing Income Tax Return for salaried individuals and HUF (not subject to tax audit) is 31st July. Income Tax rules have been modified to effect the fine for non-filing of income tax return by the due date for Rs.5000. However, Income Tax Return filing has been made simpler. This article will explain step by step online return filing.


Step by Step process

Step 1

Log in to


Step 2

If you do not have Log in ID on the portal then create one by clicking on the “Register Yourself” link as shown in the screenshot below, which is located in the top right side of the website.


Step 3

Once clicked on this link, following screen will open, in which type of taxpayer has to be selected.


Step 4  

Once individual is clicked, next screen will ask for below details which include

  • Basic details
  1. PAN
  2. Surname
  3. Middle Name
  4. First Name
  5. Date of Birth
  • Registration form details


If all details are filled in and are verified on the basis of PAN database, then the taxpayer will receive “Registration Successful” message.

Step 5

Log in with the PAN no. (Username) and password into the income tax web portal using the below link – “Login Here”


Step 6

When clicked on login button, this screen will appear which will require the taxpayer to fill in the details like

  1. User ID (PAN)
  2. Password
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Captcha Code


Step 7

The screen will look like one below after successful log in.


Step 8

Click on “E-file” option, and under such option click on “Prepare and Submit Online ITR”. This button has drop down menu for

  1. ITR 1
  2. ITR 4


This facility also gives the facility to prefill address details from PAN database or from previous return. If the taxpayer does not wish to digitally sign, or do not have the digital signature, he has to click on “No”, which will require the taxpayer to post the ITR-V (acknowledgement) for return filed.  

Only These two returns forms are only available to be filed online directly on the portal. However, if any other return form is suitable for the taxpayer then, there is an alternate way for return filing.  In such cases, please follow the steps after this step.

Step 9

Click on “ITR Forms – AY 2017-18” which will redirect the taxpayer to the next screen which is displayed in step 10.


Step 10


There are 7 ITR forms which are to be selected based on which all incomes are earned and received by the taxpayer. Every return form has the description which helps decide which form should be opted by whom.

Once the taxpayer determines which ITR form is suitable, he will need to download excel utility (which is the excel return form and should be filled in and uploaded by the taxpayer) and Java utility (if the desktop or laptop does not have latest Java version). The portal also provides for instructions for every ITR form and those instructions will act as the guide for form filling fields.

Once the return is filled in, you need to validate it and create .xml file, which will be uploaded in the next steps.

Step 11

First, log into Income Tax Web portal with username and password. Next, please click on “E-file” which will display “Upload Return”.


Step 12     


This screen will ask various details like PAN, AY (Assessment Year), ITR form name, etc. and the taxpayer will be asked to click on “submit” button.

If the return is uploaded successfully then you will receive acknowledgment which needs to be downloaded, signed and sent to CPC Bangalore via post (where the taxpayer opts for no digital signature). In case, the return is not successful in uploading then errors will be displayed on the screen and in such cases, the taxpayer needs to rectify the mistakes in excel file and recreate .xml file and upload the same for successful uploading.

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